Wednesday, November 07, 2007

On feng shui of mattresses

I headed upstairs tonight while Anna took her bath to lay on the bed with a Corona and a book until it was time for her to go to bed. I got upstairs, and not only was the bed not made, I also recalled a conversation that Heidi and I had last night after we'd already gotten into bed that we really needed to turn the mattress. I need to preface this by stating that Heidi is kind of like the princess in "The Princess & The Pea" in that she is amazingly particular about the firmness vs. the softness of the mattress, and can usually tell long before I can if something is amiss with the frame. Anyway, since I remembered that we were going to turn the mattress, I put down my beer and started at it.

It's not actually all that difficult - it is mostly a matter of rotation. It helps to have a second person, but it can be accomplished on your own. I got the mattress turned when I noticed that the frame, as we had suspected, was indeed screwed up. It was at that point that we thought that we'd just take the mattress and box springs OFF the frame and set the whole shooting match on the floor. That way - nothing can go under the bed, which is INCREDIBLY bad feng shui. I couldn't believe the things we cleaned out from under the bed - water bottles, books, socks, shoes, an old work schedule of mine, and some broken glass from a glass of water a cat knocked over a while back.

The bed is now a lot shorter, but it is firmer. Truth be told, our bed has not been the same since we moved it. When we moved in 2004, I think the mattress was broken somehow. We bought a new mattress a couple years ago with some money from a tax refund, but for whatever reason, it has just never been the same. Like I said, it does not bother me nearly to the extent that it bothers Heidi, but still!

So, we improved the feng shui of the whole room, plus I found my little pocket Ganesh that I purchased at a weird little shop in Lakeview the last time I was in Chicago. I thought he had been lost for good! I have been missing that little remover of obstacles.

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inkgrrl said...

It must be a chick thing. Stephen can sleep fine when the central post on our bed goes kersplat, and I just hurt. We have a new frame we're picking up today and I am going whee! about it.