Saturday, November 03, 2007

What will the market bear?

I was eating lunch today and flipping through The Advocate (which we started subscribing to when Heidi started writing Smalltown Boy, but now, we will be subscribers for life) when I came across the most curious thing.

Apparently, there is enough demand out there for not just one, but TWO Ethel Merman biographies, being released within the same month. I find this incredibly hard to believe! Certainly, she's not the first person to be subjected to more than one biography, but two life stories within four weeks of each other? Seriously, how different can these two books be?

A little investigation led to the discovery that 2008 is Merman's birth centennial. So perhaps that's the rationale. In any event, I still find it strange. But not as strange (or as disturbing) as this:

And I thought I had seen everything. Now I think I have.

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Myfizzypop said...

what is outrageous is that I have that Ethel Merman disco album. It does not taste good.