Sunday, November 11, 2007

Sunday recap

It is unseasonably warm and humid for November 11th. The humidity has caused my hair to curl and that has made me less than pleased. Additionally, apropos of nothing, my beard trimmer is also on its last legs which has made me rather unhappy.

We drove over to Cedar Rapids today to pick up Anna who had spent the weekend at Camp Grandma. She had a great time and surprisingly enough, she was not displeased to see us, even though our arrival meant that her time with her grandma was at an end. We met at Heidi's grandparents' house and indulged in her grandmother's cooking which is truly the original comfort food. Heidi got a chance to see her brother and one of her sisters, as well as one of her cousins who is now going to the U of I. Anna soaked up the attention.

After lunch, I slipped into a food induced coma (as did my brother-in-law) which was much needed as I've been operating on far too little sleep these days.

We stopped at Toys R Us on the way home so Anna could give us some ideas for things she might want for Christmas. She saw her beloved 250 dollar pony that you can brush and feed a carrot too while it responds to your interaction. She became visibly teary when she saw that someone else was getting one and I heard her make a wish upon the first star she saw that said pony would end up on the front porch tomorrow. It's enough to break this dad's heart!

Anna was in her pajamas within a few minutes of getting home - I read her book to her (Dorrie & The Goblin) and she didn't even make it to the end of the book. That's what a weekend at Camp Grandma will do to you, I guess.

So now it's a little after 9 and it's nearly time for bed as the weekend is, yet again, at an end. Sunday night melancholy has not really descended on me this week, but I am not ready for another week. There are so many things to do this week. I am still fighting off the remnants of the plague that I had after we got back from Arizona. While I feel pretty good, I haven't been able to shake the cough. Because I am a pharmacist and not a doctor, I have just enough diagnostic ability to be dangerous AND concoct the worst case scenario. For my chronic cough, I have thought of tuberculosis, pertussis, MRSA pneumonia, and lung cancer - never once stopping to think about bronchitis until someone at work mentioned it. Oddly enough, when I finally went back to the doctor on Friday afternoon, he put me on Biaxin to treat what is probably a bronchitis, but also covers pertussis just in case. While my cough has diminished quite a bit, it is not gone by any stretch and I am just hoping that at the end of 10 days of antibiotics, it'll be a thing of the past as I am decidedly tired of not feeling 100%.

So I am off to bed - as Neil Gaiman said on his blog this last week - "Sleep beckons. Also waves. Also makes threatening gestures and hops up and down until I notice."

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xolondon said...

I am coughing now too, so maybe I have all those things? Oh now look what you've done!