Monday, March 10, 2008

I unpacked "frustrating" first

That has been pretty much the theme of the last week.

Thank goodness this is the last day of my 8-day stretch at work. Although I'm sure that one more day would not have been the end of the world (my personal "best" if one dare call it that is 9 days in a row) but I will be very glad for the day off tomorrow. I plan to sleep in and be a layabout and then hit the dollar theater to see The Mist which I predict will probably be worth about a dollar.

I have straight hair again! Hurrah! Give it up to Heidi. The only problem is that the hair on the back of my head was much longer than I thought, so once we decimated the curls, it has the beginnings of a baby mullet. Dear heavens, Dan with a mullet. Has the world stopped turning and hell frozen over. Fear not, I hope to be able to sneak in tomorrow and get my neck trimmed up and that hair cut off. So, no Richard Marx style ballads are in my future.

I am officially sick of "Love Song." They played it every 2 hours on the radio at work this weekend and consequently, I never need to hear it again. And that's too bad because it really is a good song. Death by radio. This is why I don't listen to the radio. They don't play the stuff I like, and as soon as they do, they play it till I bleed from my ears.

I am loving my new 160GB iPod!! I converted a video file of the Doctor Who episode "Blink" this morning to put on there. It worked perfectly and I can just imagine filling it with stuff like that for the trip to New York City and back.

And yes, we are going to NYC! Another lifelong dream come true, although the best way to do it would have been to go to NYC to see Madonna at Madison Square Garden. But I plan to spend as little as possible while still having a good time and just want to soak up the city. It should be a fun time.

And finally, let's have a look at my awesome new hair.

Everybody should look like me, but then that might be a bit too Multiplicity for my tastes. (someone mentioned that movie at work last week and totally drug it out of my subconscious!)


Anonymous said...

I was totally thinking about *Mutiplicity* yesterday!

Nice hair, hot stuff.

Adem With An E said...

The hair looks ace, very becoming mister.

Myfizzypop said...

hahaha everyone should look like me! What an ace quote. Indeed they should mister. My hair is getting way too long (see pics on fizzypop today!) maybe heidi could do mine??