Monday, March 31, 2008

I'll take Manhattan

So we're headed out tomorrow for 6 days in New York City. OK, two of those days are travel days so they don't really count, but still. We're all very excited, but I have to admit that I am exhausted and am hoping for a good night's sleep. Our plane was originally supposed to leave Des Moines some time after lunch, but it was moved up to 10-ish in the morning. Because of the logistics of car storage and meeting Heidi's mom, we're going to be in Indianola tomorrow morning at 7:30 which requires us to get up at the crack of dawn. This also turns our layover in Detroit into 4 hours of waiting. Oh well, at least the chances of missing our connection are slim.

I am excited, but as usual, the night before any big trip like this I am on edge and nervous. I hope everything goes well, which I'm sure it will. I will say the part of the trip I am anticipating the least are the 50 mph wind gusts forecast for Detroit tomorrow. At least we're not flying into Minneapolis. They got a foot of snow today. I tell you, Minnesota never does snow half-assed.

Mostly, like I have said ad infinitum, I am excited to just be there and take it in. I would love to do a little Cloverfield tour on New York (although I'll leave out the crawling around in the subway tunnels thankyouverymuch.) I want to go to the Village and Broadway and all those tourist things. I'm seriously rethinking the Empire State Building since it costs a fortune. I've ridden in elevators to the top of tall buildings before and even though it's New York, I'm pretty sure it's the same type of experience as Chicago.

I will have my laptop with me, but blogging will probably be light till I get back. I will try to blog while I am there. However, let me tell you I am not hauling ass all the way to New York to sit at the computer and blog. I can do that in Ames without spending all the money. I will be checking in and will likely post some photos and such.

You know me, I can't stay away for too long.

Traveling mercies to us, I guess.

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