Monday, July 07, 2008

Even the nights aren't better

I know that what little cred I had just went out the window because I dared use an Air Supply reference in the post title, but deal.

The weekend is over and I, sadly, have to work the graveyard shift (9PM till 7:30AM) on Tuesday night. This is usually not a big deal for me. I kind of like getting ready to work overnights because I stay up until 3AM and then try to sleep as much as possible the day of the overnight shift. I usually get a lot of TV watched or blog posts written or other such stuff, so that's a good thing. But for whatever reason, I'm just not looking forward to it this time. I think the problem is that usually the graveyard shift is a one time thing that you do and then you don't do it again for 8-12 months. But because of the way things work, I get to do one shift Tuesday night, and then in two weeks, I get to do two more! To say that it kind of kills the whole month of July is probably worthy of Heidi's "Drama Queen" LJ avatar. But it is disruptive. It messes up my sleep cycle which is always pretty precariously balanced as it is.

I'll get by, no doubt about it. I always have and always will. If you're going to work in health care, you just have to expect this from time to time. But the timing of working the graveyard shift is just not the greatest this time.

And as far as the questions for the 5 questions meme goes - I am going to give it my best shot to send them out to everyone who replied tonight after work. I mean, I'll have to force myself to stay up anyway, right?

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