Wednesday, July 23, 2008

It's gonna take a time machine to get it right

And if that's the case, then it's fortunate that Darren Hayes' The Time Machine Tour showed up today! I was too cheap to purchase the ultra mega deluxe edition (although I would have liked to have bought that one), but I think the bare bones will suffice just fine.

The only complaint that I have about it is that it is kind of dark, in the sense that the lighting is not very bright. However, I read in a recent interview with Darren that he did that intentionally. Apparently, when filming tours, shows need to be "overlit" to provide for appropriate light for filming. He really didn't want to do that and spoil the show for those that we in attendance at the show they filmed, so we're left with a concert DVD that seems almost underlit in many spots. Oh well, it hardly matters. At least it looks like a live show, in comparison to the DVD of the Confessions Tour which decidedly does not. (But I try not to bitch too much because at least we got a DVD of it!)

In the meantime, XO did a brilliant interview with Darren on his blog the other day and it is required reading if for no other reason than to see how important it is to have well written questions when interviewing someone.

And here's a couple of YouTube clips, not of the tour since I really couldn't find any good ones (although you can find them on Darren's web site)

"On The Verge of Something Wonderful"

One of my favorite of Darren's songs, even though it is kind of lightweight "Crush (1980 Me)"

How I wish I could have gotten to the one of the Borders stores appearances when he was in the US last year. Oh well, twas not to be.


Myfizzypop said...

I'm frankly still baffled, but i like it when my friends get things that make them happy :) And XO's interview was MEGA!!
PS - Ugly Betty was on the verge of something beautiful and then season one finale happened :P

Anonymous said...

Last summer for my birthday present, I went to Chicago to see Darren perform live. He hadn't released the double-album yet, but most of the show included the new material. So, I had a little taste of the tour albeit a much lesser version of the enormous stage show that became The Time Machine Tour. The show was still fantastic and quite intimate, which I adore.

This year for my birthday, my friend Candice purchased the deluxe version of the DVD. It arrived a bit late, traveling like it did through the post from the UK to Canada to here in Michigan, arriving yesterday. So well worth the wait!

I've had the double album (which was also a gift) for almost a year, but I had only given it a listen maybe three times. I don't know why really...other than I can't get Casey out of my player for very long, but as big of a fan as I am of Darren Hayes, it even surprised me that the newest album wasn't in the rotation. Seeing the performance on the DVD has greatly enhanced my interest in the concept album a million-fold. I don't think it matters if a person doesn't like his music, one could ever deny his brilliance as a performer. Wow. Just fucking..WOW.

I read that interview too talking about the lighting issue, and I think he made the right decision.