Monday, July 14, 2008

Questions from Heidi

It is past time to start answering some of these questions that came my way via Heidi, Jeff, Caryle and Mary because of the 5 questions meme. At first, I thought about putting these on my dust-covered LiveJournal that I only keep around for commenting on other people's LJs, but then I decided, no, I'll just do it here. So here we go. The first set of five questions comes from Heidi because that's just the way it is.

(Incidentally, if you choose to comment on this post, don't expect questions from me. I'm tapped out. But far be it for me to discourage comments.)

1. So, be honest. WHY do you think David Tennant is so attractive--I don't just mean to you or to me, but in general. I'm talking the whole package: the person, the physique, the everything.

Leave it to Heidi to start out with asking a question that concerns my mancrush, David Tennant. I'm not ashamed and totally comfortable admitting to that! There are many reasons why I think that Tennant is just so damn cool (and why he ends up being my avatar more often than not.) First off, he comes off as a big kid, someone who will sit and talk the minutiae of whatever obscure 12-year-old boy thing you can think of until the cows come home. You can tell this by the pure and unadulterated joy he so obviously gets from playing the Doctor. He also has the geeky cute and cool thing down to a science. I could only hope to reach Tennant levels of that! He also proves that tall, lanky guys that are not built CAN be famous. Plus, I would pay large sums of money to have his hair.

Naturally, I don't know Tennant and will almost certainly never meet him (never say never), so who knows if any of that is accurate. Mostly, he just seems like a genuinely nice guy that would be cool to hang out with, someone who would be a cool friend to have and meet up for lunch every so often. And then talk 12-year-old boy things to death.

But he could be a total dick (although I doubt it.) There's a reason why it's best to keep your distance from your heroes.

2. What is the best movie/fiction monster, and why is it the best one? (You define what best is, btw.)

This is an easy one and the answer to this will come as no surprise to most people: zombies. Zombies are truly the best movie monsters of all, although as I was telling Thomas, it is much more of a challenge to translate the visceral terror of a zombie apocalypse in a book than it is in a movie. The reason they are the best movie monster is really twofold. The first reason is they are us. How many people have bitten it (no pun intended) in zombie movies because they made the mistake of thinking that some shred of humanity remained in their zombified loved one? The fact that any of us could be a zombie makes it truly terrifying. Also, the exponential growth of the zombie mob ensures their survival. What they lack in speed, they make up for in numbers.

3. You get a one night stand with no repercussions with one member of the BVTS gang. Who do you take with you into the closet? Or are you holding out for Scully?

While the natural tendency would be to say Cordelia aka Charisma Carpenter (not that I would ever dream of turning her down either), I think I am going to shock the hell out of everyone and pick someone unexpected - Jenny Calendar. Although not technically a member of the Buffy gang, she did play a key role in Season Two and since anyone in on the whole "Buffy's the Slayer?" thing is immediately a member of the gang, I think it counts. She had this whole sexy yet nerdy, smart and down to earth thing going on. She was spunky and independent which beats the hell out of some weeping violet. And when she turned out to be part of the gypsy clan that cursed Angel, well, who saw that coming?

But yeah, I'm totally holding out for Scully.

4. You are in charge of a U.S. federal agency for one day and you have the full power and money to do ONE thing. You can build a bridge or set up a train or pay off something or fire somebody or reverse a decision. Full power over everything, and it's lasting, but you have ONE shot. What do you do?

My inclination is to do something like keep a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage from ever seeing the light of day in the U.S. Constitution, but since that does little to actually change people's minds, I would probably get into the Transportation Department and get light rail going in this country like it should be. We don't all need to be driving our cars to get everywhere we need to get to!

5. Best moment from your childhood: the one that makes your heart glow just to think of it. Could be obscure or could be a recurring event.

Well, it's not the Branded bike, that's for sure! Although I'm not sure I would trade that memory either, even though it is not a warm and fuzzy one.

I think it's probably that summer of 1986, age 14. It was my favorite summer of music of my adolescence. I was about to head into high school. True Blue was released, for God's sake. We took a family vacation to the Grand Canyon and listened to more Bee Gees and 5th Dimension than should be legal. I watched "One Day At A Time" reruns on Channel 8 every weeknight at 11. Sure, it wasn't all roses, but I always think of it fondly and really, it's the reason why I like this music video so much.

It was the very first Heart video I ever saw! Ann's hair is insane, but just thinking of it reminds me of that summer.


Anonymous said...

I agree on the light rail system. I haven't thought a lot about it but anything that gets rid of the number of cars driving around would be great. This notion became particularly clear to me on one drive to Florida for vacation and there were so many damn cars trying to get out of Atlanta that I couldn't believe it. I think I hear a commercial during this madness saying something like "No credit, bad credit, we don't care we'll put you into a car for 'blank' amount of money a month!" I thought this was crazy. My stress level just went up thinking about it again. Ugh!

Anonymous said...

vacation 1986..that was a tough taking us 400 miles out of the way to look at a volcanic plug..jesus legs hurt just thinking about sitting in the red fairmont...and that memory just makes me think of hot peanut butter sandwiches...rdc