Saturday, July 26, 2008

Sticking to me like clingwrap

The subject line pretty much describes everything in the last few days because it has been so damn humid! But today the humidity broke and we opened the house up. I'm sitting on the porch with the laptop listening to the laptop iTunes library on shuffle. It's some pretty eclectic stuff as it's an amalgam of Heidi and me.

I made it through my overnights relatively unscathed. I was very tired after they were done, and was never so excited to be unwanted than I was Friday afternoon when the people at work were doing okay enough for me to NOT have to come in at 3PM. Since then, I have been mostly catching up on sleep. I slept for 12 hours last night, from midnight to nearly noon so consequently I'm not really tired now. Although if I went up and got in bed, I would probably fall asleep instantly.

Great quotes of the last few days:
  • "Turn the kitchen light off!" --Heidi, to me on Friday morning after I got home from work. We were laying in bed around 8:30AM and she was waiting for me to turn my bedside lamp off. Great hilarity and laughing ensued. Bonus points if you get the reference.
  • "I'll meet you in the beginning of the Dewey Decimal System." --me, to Heidi when we were at the library on Friday afternoon. Perhaps the geekiest thing to have ever crossed my lips, and that's really saying something.
  • "I can't say he does anything for me. His eyes are too small, and too scruffy! The boys may have him." --Heidi, on Darren Hayes when I was watching The Time Machine Tour.
Anna spent a few days with her grandparents and we went to pick her up today. On the way back, we stopped at the Glidden Aquatic Center which is perhaps our favorite pool within a 60 mile radius. When she was little, she took great advantage of the kids' slide, but now she is all about the big slides. There is a spiral type slide and also a flat one that is just huge that you can go down in tandem. Anna and I had great fun while Heidi sat with the laptop in the shade rereading her manuscript. The thing I really like about going to the pool is that no matter how out of shape I think I am, I am never the worst looking person there. Ever. So that's good for my ego because we all know how fragile that is! I also jumped off a diving board for the first time in years, so it was good.

If you have not seen Stevie Nicks cover Dave Matthews' "Crash Into Me", you simply must. I love her little monologue prior to the song. She is at the top of her game right now. I just wish she would get her butt into the studio and record a new solo album!

The plan tomorrow is to go to Prairie Moon Winery for the afternoon after doing some yardwork, but it looks like the weather might have other plans. 50% chance of rain does not make that kind of thing easy to do.

I'm catching up on Casey Stratton's podcasts and really, the last one was fascinating. Of course, it didn't hurt that he answered a question from yours truly, but the story of him recording his album Lily Sleeps is amazing. I can't even get my head around the idea that 90 songs came from those sessions! Anyway, he answered my question about one of my all time favorite Casey Stratton songs "Dog's Mercury." I was curious as to the origin of that song. I was hoping for something more profound, but I'll take what I get. You can subscribe to Casey's podcasts here.

And with that, I think Heidi and I are off to bathe in 90s nostalgia. We Netflixed "NewsRadio" which, while not quite as good as we remember it, is just light and fluffy enough that it is fun to end the day with. I had no idea it was on for five seasons!

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