Saturday, February 24, 2007

Ice ice baby

This is the view out the front door this morning.

And if that's not impressive enough, check out this close up of the lamp post.

That's right, we woke up to a quarter inch of ice on everything this morning. It's probably the worst storm we've had all winter, and the rain/sleet/ice is still coming down. If it were snow, it would be manageable, but since it's ice, it's pretty much made us housebound today. This is not an altogether bad thing - as Heidi said, it's a good thing we like each other, to which I sarcastically retorted "that's what you think!" (she ignored me, natch.) Anna missed dance class for the third week in a row and the weather is putting a serious crimp in the plans for Oscar tomorrow. The snow's supposed to start tonight - up to 8 inches by tomorrow morning.

And, you know me - all I can think of is the movie The Ice Storm - one of my faves. Funny how ice coming from the sky can make you think of key parties.

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