Friday, February 16, 2007

A music meme - brought to you by the letter P

I'm gakking this from Caryle - I just couldn't resist.

List 10 songs that begin with the letter given to you and explain why you picked them. Comment and you shall receive a letter.

Well, I couldn't wait for a letter to be bequeathed to me, so I just am following Caryle's lead and using the letter P.

1) Pineapple Head (Crowded House) - A song that is perpetually on my favorites list on my iPod. It's just so cute - apparently it was written for Neil Finn's feverish son who, while babbling incoherently, said "Detective is flat" and "getaway car." Finn went down to his in home studio and did a demo for "Pineapple Head" right then and there.

2) Penny Lane (The Beatles) - This is one of the first Beatles songs I ever remember hearing. I also recall a very silly cartoon video that was played on MTV back in the day. I think one of the reasons I love it so much is that it's, well, very British!

3) Passionate Kisses (Mary Chapin Carpenter) - One of Chapin's biggest hits and a spectacularly written song - although she did not write it, Lucinda Williams did. Pens that won't run out of ink, cool quiet, time to think. It's a bit of a modern day version of "My Favorite Things" don't you think?

4) Please Mr. Please (Olivia Newton-John) - Did anyone else think, growing up, that there was someone named Mr. Please playing songs on the jukebox? I'll admit to it, I did. Not for long, mind you, but I did. So it always makes me laugh just a little bit when I listen to it.

5) Potential New Boyfriend (Dolly Parton) - Where do I even start on this song? The very first video that Dolly ever did. Completely aimed at pop crossover - almost new wave-ish in ways. Extreme 80s cheese. But you know I love it.

6) Prove Your Love (Taylor Dayne) - Taylor Dayne seemed to kind of fall off the Earth, didn't she? I know that she was headlining Houston Pride last summer (and the only reason I know THAT is because Casey Stratton played there as well) but there's nothing like her debut album to lift your spirits. Completely reminds me of coming back from State Jazz Championships in 1988. And for 80s cheese, it has surprisingly not aged all that badly. OK, maybe a little bit badly.

7) Push (Madonna) - There were a lot of Madonna "P" songs - "Physical Attraction," "Promise To Try," and "Pretender" immediately leapt to mind. However, I settled on "Push" because it has the distinction of being the last song I warmed up to on Confessions on a Dance Floor. I don't know why, but it just never grabbed me all that much. But now, I do enjoy it quite a bit. Not as much as "Jump" or "Future Lovers" but I still enjoy it.

8) Piano In The Dark (Brenda Russell) - I guess the reason I picked this song is the same reason that Angel likes "Mandy." It's pretty.

9) Penthouse Girl, Basement Boy (Sarah Cracknell) - What a fun little song - "I'm living in the penthouse/Basement boy, stay away!" I have Mike to thank for all things Saint Etienne and Sarah Cracknell. And pretty much any time I listen to either, it's impossible not to think of Mike. *waves to Mike*

10) Pavement Cracks (Annie Lennox) - A gorgeous track from Annie's Bare album. It should have been a hit - perhaps it was somewhere (probably the dance chart, as it did have some killer remixes.)

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Aunt Phetamine said...

Excellent choices. Mary Chapin Carpenter is one of my favorite artists, and "Stones in the Road" is just brilliant.

Better keep your hands off Dolly's potential new boyfriend!

As always,
Aunt Phetamine