Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Walking through the apocalypse

It's a rather unpleasant winter evening here in Iowa - it's very damp and cold out. Not bone chillingly cold like it was a few weeks back, but hovering right around freezing which seems to make everything seem all clammy and cold. It's analogous to humid days in the summer. Suffice to say, it's not the most pleasant thing in the world. And we're due for more snow and ice - lovely!!

My walks home from work the last couple nights have been like walking through some kind of post-apocalyptic frozen wasteland. Traffic is always light when I leave work at 10:30 at night, but Monday and Tuesday nights were almost completely devoid of cars. Add to this the fact that I pretty much have to walk on the streets all the way home (streetwalking?) as there are still branches down all over the city, many of which make walking on the sidewalk akin to playing some frozen version of "Pitfall!" - ducking under fallen limbs and avoiding icy patches all along the way (no crocs though, as far as I could tell - and no gold bars either, dammit!) And as if this weren't already enough, streetlights are out all along the way, especially on our street. So all in all, it's a bit like walking through the ending scene of Resident Evil, only I know that there aren't hordes of undead around the next corner - but I have to admit, it would be kind of cool if there were.

I'm going to do a proper blog post here in a day or two - not just lists of songs (thanks to all who played along) or pictures or memes. Those are fun, but I would hate for my blog to devolve into that. And no matter what anyone tells me, I will probably never quit writing about my favorite pop music in excruciatingly minute detail, so if that kind of thing really isn't up your alley, you can probably avert your eyes and wait for other posts. Here are some things I have cooking:
1) A review of Casey Stratton's fabulous new record The Crossing. I'm still digesting it, and I feel like it's only fair to give it a week or two before putting my opinion out there.
2) Some thoughts on spiritual journeys and where mine is taking me these days.
3) A brief history of Dan & 10,000 Maniacs - and why I think I can only listen to In My Tribe.
4) More utter rubbish than you can shake a stick at, but hey, it's my blog and my utter rubbish!!
So stay tuned, I guess, if that kind of stuff floats your boat.


Yuяi said...

I heard on the Weather Channel last night that Iowa's in a "blizzard warning". Of course for this FL boy, a blizzard warning would be having a third or fourth DQ blizzard--in the same sitting! D'oh! Hopefully it will not be too bad for you.

Can't wait to read about In My Tribe, prob the best 10,000 maniacs album evah!

In the immortal words of Julia Childs..."Never apologize for your food...ever." So don't apologize for your rubbish, evah. It's your thing/blog, so do what you wanna do! :)

xolondon said...

Ditto In My Tribe. I Must have seen that band live 5 times!

The atmosphere of your walk home could be manipulate in so many ways depending on the song played!

Dan said...

You're right - what I choose to listen to on my walk home (it's about a mile) can really set the mood. Somedays, I'm really in the mood for some kickass Madge or something, but then other days, mellow rules the day. I find it very therapeutic and analagous to a commute. People always fall all over themselves trying to give me a ride home, but truthfully, I am very attached to the walk!