Sunday, February 18, 2007

Weekend update

It's been quite a weekend. Heidi's pretty much recovered from her tooth experience, although if I try to kiss her cheek too close to it, she flinches. We got a new vacuum this weekend with the tax refund and we never realized how dirty the carpet has actually been until now. The living room is the cleanest it's ever been ("do you like my f***ing clean house?") and we could hardly believe we'd been living in such squalor.

I also took 20 dollars and bought a new outfit at Kohl's - an orange button down shirt and a pair of cords that. The cords were only 8 dollars (marked down from 40) so they were an automatic purchase. I have a bit of a mixed history with orange shirts. Most orange shirts seem like really good ideas in the store, and then you get them home and you would swear it's not the same shirt you tried on at the store. But despite that, I purchased the orange shirt anyway - I'll probably wear the ensemble to work tomorrow. Perhaps I'll have Mrs. C. take a picture of me and I'll show the world my 20 dollar outfit.

And to top it all off, we stripped wallpaper for most of the afternoon. It's been something that we've been "gonna do" since we moved in here. But one thing or another kept us from it. And since Heidi was enjoying a sudden post-tooth extraction burst of energy, we stripped the most god-awful ugly white wallpaper with black stripes off our bedroom walls in preparation of trading bedrooms with Anna. Whoever invented the wallpaper steamer should be sainted. Seriously.

I have every intention of blogging this week's "Step Back In Time" post - but currently, Blogger is being dunderheaded (imagine that!) and not allowing me to upload pictures. So that may have to wait till tomorrow morning. And now I think I'm going to go watch Little Miss Sunshine so that I can say I've seen at least one Oscar movie. I also have The Departed from Netflix, but let me tell you, reading the description on the DVD envelope makes it seem like homework!

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Cherry Red said...

Hey Dan,

WTG on the $20 outfit. Seriously. How could you pass it up?

We need a new vaccuum too. I'm tempted to get one of those Dyson vaccuums, but the hubby's mantra is "buy cheap and toss it when it dies." We had a bad experience with a high end VCR in the past (it kept breaking, but we kept repairing it because it was so expensive) and he doesn't want to deal with that again. So far it's worked well for us.

Neither of our two houses had wallpaper. I can only imagine what a chore it was to strip it. We do need to do more painting, though, which has been a pain so far. We painted 3 rooms and a hallway a couple of years ago and need to do the rest of the house.

Looking forward to those photos. :)

Kim, who has only seen Little Miss Sunshine--loved it.