Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Been sick

True to form, I finish two overnight shifts and I get sick. I'm not sure that they're entirely related as Heidi was sick prior to me and she didn't work the overnight shift (although with Brooke here she definitely was sleep deprived since they were up till all hours talking and writing and what not.) Anyway, that's why blogging has been a bit light these days. I'm feeling a bit better today - not quite 100%, but that might be a bit too much to ask. In the meantime, here's a picture that I took when Anna and I went on a date a week ago last Saturday night. We went to our fave pizza place Pizza Pit, followed by a trip to Dairy Queen and then Borders. It was really fun and we had a great time. But here's our self portrait at Pizza Pit.


Anonymous said...

I know I say this all the time, but the three of you remind me so much of my little family.

In a post a week (or more?) ago, you talked about savoring these moments because some day you were going to embarass your daughter. I can testify that you will, in fact, embarass your daughter, but it won't be because you're you. It's that awful phase we all go through. After a few years that will pass, though, and she'll realize how lucky she is to have parents that adore her and are actually involved in her life. Then you get to start a new mutual admiration society with father-daughter and family dates and it will be just as much fun, if not even better, than it is today. Trust me on this. It's a fabulous feeling to be friends with your parents in addition to loving them.

And I'll stop blabbering now. :)

Dan said...

I remember being so embarrassed by my parents during my teenage years - they were quite simply the most uncool people on the planet. I missed out on so many movies and so many free meals out because I didn't want to take the chance of being seen with them by any of my friends. Now, of course, it's all different.