Sunday, March 25, 2007


Last night we had Caryle, Kathy, Mary & Jeff up for some good old fashioned dyeing of Easter eggs (although no one in this house eats hard boiled eggs, it's still a law that you have to dye Easter eggs) and we also told everyone to bring a coloring book and colors and we'd have a coloring party as well. This, of course, pleased Anna to no end. Adults coloring? Grown people partaking in an activity that she loves? Could it possibly get any better than that?

While a lot of people brought actual coloring books purchased from Wal-Mart or Target or wherever, I was not content with what I found when I went out looking. So I took full advantage of the "Coloring Book" feature on the Kodak software that I have with my digital camera. Basically, it takes any picture and turns it into a coloring book page (with varying degrees of success, I will admit.) I had a tremendous amount of fun finding pictures. In any event, here is photographic documentation of our labors. The scanner is still on the blink, so I took pictures of all of these.

This is the first one I colored - the poster for Brokeback Mountain. I decided it didn't have enough color in it, so I made Jake's cowboy hat gold and his jean jacket lavender. *shrugs*

Heidi colored this one of Doctor Who and Rose - this was a picture actually available on the web, so I didn't have to apply the coloring book effect to a screen shot from the DVD.

Caryle colored this one of Hello Kitty in Holland.

Another one that I found on the web was this one of the Charlie Brown gang. This one was done by Heidi.

Lest you think the adults had all the fun, here's one that Anna did. Rainbows and unicorns - two of her favorite things.

Straight from the "Papa Don't Preach" video, here's Madge in her Italians Do It Better shirt. Unfortunately, I colored her eyes such that she looks as if she is either drugged or has a glass eye. Sorry Madge. :(

And finally, here's the one Jeff did. He bested us all with his coloring of Alexis, Blake and Krystle from Dynasty. The background is purple because after all, they are, as Jeff said, Denver royalty. Notice Krystle's roots - she really needs to go back in for a coloring.


xolondon said...

This party sounds quite fun. Hilarious. I like Krystal's roots most of all.

Unicorns and rainbows rock, of course! They're almost subversive at this point...

Give me some margaritas and I'd color a whole coloring book!

Paul said...

hurrah! It's the most camp colouring party ever. You and Heidi rock! I am so there next time - i laughed so hard at madonna's glass eye!! And Dynasty is my very secret weakness!!!