Thursday, March 29, 2007

A needless want

I was getting ready for work this morning and was listening to Stevie Nicks' song "Blue Lamp" and I decided that somehow, some way, I want a blue lamp for my office. It just seems like an appropriate thing to have - an homage to my long time Stevie fandom, wouldn't you agree? I did a quick Google search for "blue lamp" and found a few cool ones - this one is pretty cool, but not really me and at FIFTEEN HUNDRED DOLLARS most certainly not in my price range (or of any sane person for that matter.) Perhaps I'll just look for a blue light bulb.

I do love the song "Blue Lamp" and I love how the blue lamp shows up again in the otherwise meh "Welcome To The Room...Sara" from Tango In The Night. I remember trying like crazy to find "Blue Lamp" on CD - I had it on a mix tape that a guy I met on ISCA back in the day gave to me. I was not willing to purchase the entire soundtrack to Heavy Metal just to get one song (even I have my limits) but then it was all rendered moot when Enchanted came out.

Expect more Stevie posts from me this week - I'm totally in the mood for Stevie, inspired in no small part by the release of Crystal Visions - the CD/DVD I have yet to purchase as I could not find it anywhere in Ames. Borders has it on order for me, so hopefully soon!!

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xolondon said...

I have good story for you about Stevie Nicks and Enchanted, but it has to be said aloud so it will have to wait. It's about my friend Krissy encountering her backstage at the Grammy's.

Love Blue Lamp. Which reminds me I also like Violet And Blue.