Saturday, March 10, 2007

One down, one to go

I successfully survived the first of my two overnight shifts - YAY! It wasn't too bad, not terribly busy and I got a lot of other work done as well. I went into it with not nearly enough sleep as I woke up yesterday at 12:30PM and really didn't sleep again. I'm about ready to fall over. Yet here I sit blogging. Priorities, I tell ya.

We listened to 100.3 The Bus last night as I didn't bring my iPod for a variety of reasons. But they played some of the most eclectic stuff. I finally heard the original version of "Train, Train" - a song that I know only in its Dolly Parton bluegrass form. I also heard not one but TWO Heart songs ("Love Alive" and "Kick It Out") The station was definitely in a classic rock mode - and I'm pretty sure that's not its general format. No matter. I think I'll bring my iPod tonight. Of course, that requires me to make a playlist that contains things that I will not die of embarrassment if they come up randomly.

So off to bed for me. Hopefully I sleep well. I will need it.

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Yuяi said...

Good for you, Dan! I'm glad you survived it! Hope you don't have to do it very often. That would so totally frak up my sleep patterns! :)