Monday, June 09, 2008

3 to the 6 to the one step closer to 40

So today, I'm 36. For the last few weeks, I've been a bit leery of 36 because it officially puts me on the "closer to 40 than 30" track. But really, how ridiculous is it to worry? There is nothing bad about getting older. Truthfully, every year is better than the last. I don't know that I have made big changes in the last year in my life. It's always hard to tell because I live in my head and body every day so it's difficult to see things that change.

Mostly, I'm happy to be where I am, to have the fabulous people in my life that I do. And that includes everybody, people I see daily, people that are blog/net friends primarily, and those that are the odd amalgam of both. I am truly blessed to have such a big family of choice. It was apparent to me when I saw all the birthday wishes on my Facebook page. I totally was not expecting them!

And Heidi, of course, always manages to do some of the best birthday posts for me. And this year is no different.

I love you honey. Now let's get partying!

(Don't worry Matt, I'll make sure there's still some party left when we go out on Friday!)


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, Dan!


D'luv said...

Happy Birthday, Dan!!

To quote Morrissey: "I'm so happy to grow older, to move away from those awful times..."

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Dan :)

All the best to you,


God said...

Happy b-day, D! I'll be catching up with you (in age) in October!

Yer pal,