Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Gollum's sugar is raw

I don't know about anyone else, but we're getting TONS of mileage out of Madonna and "Candy Shop" and the "My sugar is raw!" line. Heidi still can't really stomach the song, but she does appreciate the campiness of Madonna whispering in her best Dita, "My sugar is raw!"

But you know, would someone PLEASE do a remix of "Candy Shop" that incorporates Gollum from The Two Towers. I mean, the song is begging for it. I can just hear it now..."dance, dance...stick, sticky and sugar is raw" at which point Gollum is sampled over Madonna. With the stroke of a sample, Madonna's sugar is no longer just raw, but also wriggling!

I got a stern look over the glasses from Heidi when I suggested this, but she has since seen the light. Come on amateur remixers! Are you up to the challenge?


God said...

What is TATERS, precious???

inkgrrl said...

I finally caved and watched the video, even though I generally hate being exposed to a live performance before I can hear the song all polished and perfect and fall in love with it. It's vintage Madonna for sure, but the "sugar is raw" bit? OMFGOT!