Monday, June 02, 2008

Monkey brain

It's a new month. I have been drained physically and mentally over the last couple of weeks and because of that, I have decided that I am going to spend the month of June attempting to meditate daily. I know that sounds like a "what the hell kind of woo are you getting into now?" type thing to a lot of people, but if you had the Monkey Brain that I have, you would understand. My Monkey Brain just never stops moving from thought to thought to thought, swinging on the vines that make up my gray matter. This is really bothering me these days and Heidi, bless her heart, has been helping me to come up with things that may help shoot the curare-tipped dart in the butt of the monkey.

I realize that this is tantamount to coming onto a blog or whatever and saying "I am going to start an exercise regimen TODAY!" or "The diet starts TODAY!", only to find out that by day 5, you've stopped exercising and are having the fries for lunch again and you have to face the world with your failure. I'm prepared for that to happen. I have no idea how successful I will be. I figured that it is free to try and the worst thing that can happen is I fail and I'm certainly no stranger to that.

So you give it a shot and if what I start with doesn't work, we'll try something different. However, I'm pretty sure I won't end up in this kind of pose any time soon.

Ohm, shanti, indeed!

(although looking at that picture makes me pine for that Re-Invention Tour DVD that never was!!)

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Anonymous said...

Good luck! I am still managing to exercise, even though I hate it, and I'm still not smoking. I had planned to meditate too, but I just haven't been able to commit.