Sunday, October 05, 2008

Election metaphors

My friend Matt is doing a lot of political commentary these days on his blog. While I have a lot of thoughts on the upcoming election and the state of U.S. politics, writing at length about them is really not my style, so I'm going to let this graphic that I found on DailyKos (via Huffington Post) speak for itself.

Although comparing Biden to Amtrak may not be a compliment considering the experiences I (and others) have had.

Today is the long-delayed Pride parade in Des Moines today. Pictures later today, I'm sure.



Anonymous said...

Oh my God.I'm using the same train picture next to Obama for my Urban Survivor project! How messed up is that?

Adem With An E said...

Thank you for my new Facebook profile photo.


John said...

That's awesome. I look at the Palin train, and in a Mr Bill voice I hear "oh NOOOOOOOOOO!"