Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Sticky and sweet, indeed

A mere 19 days separates me from the Madonna show in Chicago. She has finally hit the States and kicked off the US leg of the tour in New Jersey. Matthew Rettenmund (who is perhaps my favorite of all Madonna bloggers) saw it there, and again in NYC at Madison Square Garden. His verdict? A mixed bag. (link contains a huge number of spoilers for the innocent, but no video) I was expecting as much. Although the set list is fantastic and I think the show is solid, it does seem a titch less extravagant than other tours. Final judgment will, naturally, be reserved until I actually see the show. In my mind, she will have a tough time topping the fantastically awesome Confessions Tour which featured Madonna so joyous to be performing live that you almost forgave her for Drowned World and her insane audience detachment.

My favorite part of his review, however, was in the final paragraph.

Take nothing I’ve said as disenchantment with Madonna—who sang and danced her heart out on this show. But take everything I’ve said as disenchantment with this particular show, which lacks the imagination, the daring, the spectacle, the fashion and the brains of all her best concerts. Look, no one—no one—is doing anything at any concert worth seeing except for Madonna. Sure, there are live acts whose voices must be heard to be believed, and there are flavors of the month singing songs you love so much right now you need to see and hear them live right now, but nobody is attempting mammoth productions like Madonna has been doing for over 20 years. Not every show is going to be my favorite. While many aspects of Sticky & Sweet made my teeth hurt, I am happy to go back and see it again. Seeing Madonna live is a unique experience. Like sex, it’s not always good. But like any sex that leads to an orgasm, it’s still right on the money.

I couldn't have said it better myself. In fact, as usual with the stuff he writes about Madonna, I wish I had said it first. So usually, I'm just left to link and/or copy and paste.

I'm sure I will have absolutely nothing to say about the show after I see it.


D'luv said...

I hope the olde stripper does "Dress You Up," otherwise you ought to ask for your money back from her pimp.

Dan said...

There is a chance with the "request" section, you know!

I, personally, would love for her to do that song. And if she could bring Darren Hayes out for it, even better. Justin, stay home!

Yuяi said...

17 days left! Woooooooooooo-Hooooooooo!