Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Netflix delivered the first disc of Friday the 13th: The Series today. I had to pick my jaw up off the floor when I read about a month ago that the first season of this late 80s syndicated show was going to be released on DVD. I literally have not seen this show since it was on TV and I figured it would never see the light of day, despite the crap that does get put on DVD. It was one of those shows that I didn't start watching immediately upon its debut (although that did happen with Freddy's Nightmares) but once I started watching I was hooked. Not quite an anthology show but rather more of a supernatural drama in the vein of The X-Files, it has no connection with teenager killing machine Jason Voorhees (and that series of 58,000 movies) beyond the title.

Before I start watching the first episode, I am already steeling myself for my expectations to be shattered. It will almost certainly not be as good as I remember it being. It will, however, probably be better than any show titled Friday the 13th: The Series has any business being.

Watch this space. There is a high likelihood that I will be back to report on my reactions.

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