Saturday, July 01, 2006

Dirty weekend

I'm so tickled just to have a weekend where I don't work! I've worked the last couple weekends, and while working weekends isn't all bad (because you do get days off during the week which is always novel) I still prefer not to work the 10 hour days.

But we can't be lazy this weekend because we have large amounts of cleaning to do because Heidi's mom is coming this weekend and plus the house has descended into a filth as neither of us have had the wherewithall to think about it. But now, we're both feeling like it's something we can tackle and the immediacy of house guests has pushed it up the priority list a little bit. So that'll undoubtedly be the job of the day. I cleaned the shower yesterday for the first time in I can't remember so it looks pretty good now. I also scooped and changed out cat litter (or, as Anna would say, cat glitter) after work last night so that dirty job is done.

Heidi's done a lot in the last couple days -- mostly while I've been at work, so kudos to her. But since we're both here this weekend, I guess we'll both be working.

And as a reward to ourselves, on Sunday, we're planning to go to Superman Returns with a couple friends while Heidi's mom babysits. Yay! We get to be adults! Now that's novel!

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Brian said...

Yeah, nothing like the rents coming into town to get you into a panic about demonstrating that you can keep a place clean. Though I would think that having a kid is a good excuse for some entropy here and there, don't you?