Saturday, July 15, 2006

Up way too late

As the subject line says, I'm up entirely too late for my own good. Morning will be here before I know it and I run a great risk of being exceptionally sorry for what is currently so fun (as is common with most really fun things.) I've mostly been up listening to music, reading blogs, and just generally enjoying my space. This is a good thing. The week has been a challenge as people from all sides have invaded my space and it's good to just be me for a while.

Jeff and Caryle came up tonight to watch Mommie Dearest, which was great fun. Anna, however wouldn't stay in bed which proved frustrating, but that's life with a 4 year old. We chatted away until almost 1AM about everything under the sun -- mostly about college days. How I wish I had done things differently, but you couldn't pay me to go back to them at all.

But perhaps the best news of the night is that Casey Stratton is going to be playing a show in Chicago on October 20th!! It's a Friday night, and I might try to go. I'm not sure if Heidi and Anna are going to be able to go, but I definitely want to go. His show, while definitely not Madonna's show (I mean, who else but Madonna could put on a Madonna show?) was great fun when he came to Ames a year ago. I wish he would come back to Ames as it's easier to go a mile than all the way to Chicago, but it does seem that he's only playing bigger metropolitan areas on this tour. I'll probably take the train, which would be cool and then just cab around. Stay someplace relatively cheap and come back the next day or so. Or maybe Sunday. Depends on when I would leave.

But something to look forward to, I guess. If it comes to fruition, that is. I mean, traveling across the U.S. to see Madonna is one thing. But it is only Chicago, which is hardly leaving home.

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