Sunday, July 30, 2006

Sunday love

One of the things I love most about Sundays is two of my favorite web sites update on Sundays. The first of these is LastFM. LastFM is the newest permuatation of what was once Audioscrobbler. Basically, you download a plug in for whatever music player you use (iTunes, Windows Media Player, or whatever) and all the songs you listen to are submitted over the internet to their server which saves the data in your "musical profile." This data allows them to generate music recommendations as well as tell you people who are listening to similar things. It also has a radio service that I've only explored a little bit but seems pretty decent. On Sundays, all of your week's listening is updated on your main profile page -- and I'm always interested to see what I've been listening to over the last week. Sometimes I'm surprised (like the week Liz Phair came out on top) but most times I'm not (typically, Madonna and Casey Stratton are my top two artists each week.) It's pretty cool, and you can check out my profile page here.

The other page that's updated every Sunday is the ever popular Post Secret. It really needs no introduction, other than it seems like every week without fail, there's a secret involving poop. I really don't get that.

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