Saturday, July 01, 2006

Filthy gorgeous

Well, the house has been transformed from filthy to gorgeous. I've been in charge of the basement, which includes my office, a bathroom that my sister used when she lived here (and Anna and I use periodically when we're down here) and a spare bedroom. The trouble with the basement is the sheer amount of cobwebs and spiders. So there's a bug bomb going off in the spare bedroom to kill anything remotely insect-like and I've spent a large amount of the morning sweeping up cobwebs into the vacuum.

I've cleaned up my office quite a lot -- it degenerates quite rapidly as Anna brings her toys down and plays and also gets out anything she can possibly find. And before the day is out, I'm going to have hung up my Confessions Tour poster. (Heh, "hung up" -- I'm so funny!)

The steps are swept, all the bathrooms cleaned, the beds all made -- now the only thing we need is for entropy to kick in again.

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