Sunday, September 24, 2006

Cover heaven

I was reading Casey Stratton's blog yesterday and HE COVERED "LIVE TO TELL" AT HIS SHOW IN DETROIT THE OTHER NIGHT!!! I have always thought that Casey should cover "Live To Tell." In fact, I had a dream when I first discovered his music that he and Madonna did a duet version!

According to people on the message boards, it was brilliant. Add one more song to my wish list for his concert in Chicago. Or, at the very least, release that darn Detroit show in the digital music store.


Anonymous said...

I'd pay good money to hear that. Why yes, possibly even the cost of an airfare ticket to Chicago from London. He really is THAT good!

Anonymous said...

Spinning. Head. A few weeks ago I heard "Live to Tell" and immediately thought of Casey. I wonder what act of Congress it would take to get Casey down to Texas. :-|