Thursday, September 28, 2006


Anna and I have discovered the joys of Rampage - the 1986 coin-op video game where you play one of three monsters wreaking general havoc on a city. You can either be George the gorilla, Lizzie the lizard or Ralph the werewolf, and while in the original arcade game you could easily do three player action, when you're at home playing it on MAME where the only input device you have is a single keyboard, you're just a whole lot better off playing one monster at a time. So we usually play George.

She's obsessed with the fact that you can grab a girl in the game and hold onto her for awhile (until she starts punching you in the face at which point you can drop her and gobble her up.) And the entire fact that you can eat the soldiers makes her laugh uproariously.

My biggest memory associated with this game is actually not playing the original arcade game but a port for the PC back in the early 90s which didn't look too bad. My sister and I would play it all the time together - one using the keypad and the other using keys on the far left side of the keyboard. I always wanted to play the lizard as I thought she was the coolest of the monsters. Of course, this opened me up to no end of teasing from Wendy who simply accused me of wanting to do female role-playing (as it is Lizzie after all.) The other thing I remember vividly is that sometimes when you punch an open window, poison will appear in the window, and if you eat it inadvertantly, you get hurt and you spit it out. Everytime this would happen, one or the other of us would always ask "You ate the rat poison?" which just proves beyond any reasonable doubt that any life situation can be satisfied by a quote from 9 to 5.

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