Sunday, September 03, 2006

TV openings

Heidi, Jeff and I all started watching season 4 of Queer As Folk last night, and we've been eagerly anticipating the use of "Cue The Pulse To Begin" as the new theme song. And it lived up to all of our expectations. It's so much better than the opening credits used on seasons 1-3.

And while goofing around on YouTube last night, we found some classic (and some not-so-classic) TV show openers. For example, one of my favorites is "One Day At A Time" which I used to watch faithfully in syndication every night at 10:30 before my freshman year of high school (yet another example of me watching a sit com instead of having a life back then!)

Some would argue that it hasn't aged all that well, and I would argue THAT'S THE WHOLE POINT!! And you gotta love Mackenzie Phillips in those bell bottom polyester pants.

And Jeff and I came across a show he hadn't thought about since it was on TV - the show "Angie" which I remember because I always loved the theme song.

And then, just for kicks - "Alice"

They don't make these like this anymore, I tell ya.

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