Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Geek out moment

This post needs a disclaimer before I even start. I really don't consider myself a Star Wars geek in the true sense of the word. I collected the toys as a kid, but what kid at that age didn't? I saw the movies over and over again. I have the original trilogy on DVD. I have not purchased, nor do I plan to purchase, the prequels. And while I have a lot of toys out for display in my office, none of them are Star Wars toys. The only one that I was even tempted to put out was Jabba the Hutt, but he's missing an arm (likely at my parents' house in some bizarre place that we'll never find) so I really didn't want to put him out in that disabled state.

That being said, my brother, Ryan, called me the other day and asked for my address. He said, "I'm sending you a present in the mail. Do you want me to tell you what it is now or be surprised?" I elected to be surprised, as I NEVER get packages in the mail and I figured, why not double the pleasure? This was Friday, or maybe Thursday, I can't remember.

Well, Monday arrived as did the package. And it was filled with Star Wars toys. And the kicker was, Ryan had put a note in there that said his assistant's daughter had found these while cleaning out a relative's house and THEY WERE GOING TO THROW THEM AWAY!!! The thought! Anyway, he thought I might like them as he knows I have the whole 12 year old boy theme going in my office (pictures of that later.) And yes, I was overjoyed to receive this - mostly because someone else in the world understood, if only for a brief moment, my mindset when it comes the things that I totally enjoy.

Here's a brief overview of some of the highlights of what he sent.

The first item is Chewbacca being escorted through the Death Star by Han Solo and Luke Skywalker dressed as stormtroopers.

And check this out - it really is Han and Luke.

Secondly are a few Yoda related items. The first is a simple figure of Yoda, complete with his Jedi Council chair.

The second is a Yoda stamper, which delights Anna to no end.

And the final Yoda item is a pewter key chain, which I immediately attached to my keys. Yoda and Madge, what a strange combination!

And finally, the piece de resistance is one of the band members from the Cantina sequence. He has kind of creepish hands and actually, would fit in well in an X-Files episode, so he's really not all that out of place since Scully and Mulder have a place on my shelf as well.

Perhaps the funniest part of the whole thing was looking closely at the description of the Cantina guy on the box - Ryan had tipped me off to it in his note, something to the effect "check out what kind of band that cantina guy plays in - ha, ha!" I love it - me and Ryan, eternal 4th graders in so many ways.

So there it, is. Ryan, I know you read this blog. Words cannot describe my gratitude. Now I just have to figure out how I'm going to display all this stuff. I'm running out of real estate.

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