Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Jump goes to preschool

So today is the day Anna has been waiting for - she has the sharing bag, and true to her promise, she's bringing Confessions on a Dance Floor. She's been talking about it non-stop for the last 48 hours at least. She's agreed that the only song she'll share is "Jump" which is one of her (and my) favorite songs on the CD. She told me this morning that first, she'll tell them about the CD and then she'll play the song for them while she sings and does her jumping to it. And then, they'll all dance with her.

Bless her. She's so my kid.

I told the teachers that this was entirely my doing (not by design, mostly by example) but they seemed ok. I have to admit that I was a bit perturbed when one of the teachers said "OK, which one is appropriate" like Madge is still stuck in the Erotica phase of her career and she's cavorting around nude on stage or something. But I can hardly expect people who don't follow the minutiae of her career to be up to date on what she's doing these days. Personally, if it were me, that kind of public perception would bug me infinitely more than being called "the Material Girl" but whatever she wants, y'know?

Since "Jump" is the next single (with an unreleased track called "History" - I can't wait!) I figure that Anna is doing her job of roping in the preschool demographic. And given the relative absence of Madonna on American radio these days, whatever it takes.


Anonymous said...

Bless Anna doing her bit for Madge! I look forward to seeing how she got on.

Heidi Cullinan said...

She apparently ordered them all to stand and wait for the cue to "jump," and she sang along with all the words, and danced. Not a blush on her.

She wanted to play an encore, but the teachers delicately declined.

Anonymous said...

I'm now wondering whether I could introduce the idea of a sharing bag into my office. Although, I have a couple of colleagues I'd rather not share anything with!

I do quite like the idea of getting them all to stand and wait until I tell them to jump though.

I think I need to go to bed!