Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Officially sick of feeling sick

OK, I've had whatever this bug is for the last week, and now, I have to say, I'm seriously tired of it. I'm still feeling kind of crappy -- not crappy enough to miss work or anything like that, but it's certainly not the 100% I'm used to.

I have to wait practically two hours after getting up for my head to drain, and I still feel achy in my legs and in my head. It's the getting up in the morning that sucks the most. I just can't handle feeling so crappy first thing in the morning.

Fortunately, Sudafed seems to help, as well as ibuprofen. And at least I was off today, but I'm headed into a 7-day stretch at work (thanks to a weekend trade) and I really was hoping to feel better by then.

Oh well, who knows what will happen. And there's also a good chance that I'm just being dramatic. Heh, never done that before.

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Anonymous said...

hey dan.....when are you going to arizona to see you r cool as shit brother adn his ultrahot socialist him ...fucker!!!!