Saturday, September 30, 2006

Gutters and cement

So today was actually a pretty productive Saturday, even though I wasn't certain that it was going to be that way when I woke up this morning. My mom and dad came over today and my dad and I cleaned out the gutters on the house - they were totally crammed with leaves and dirt actual growing tree saplings. You don't believe me, see for yourself:

I don't know a lot about things like this, but I'm pretty sure the gutters aren't supposed to double as window boxes.

But anyway, I was actually up on the roof and digging the crap out of the gutters. I was like a baby learning how to walk because I don't usually walk around on roofs (and yes, this is the correct pluralization of the word - I looked it up and yes it still looks weird) all that much so I was certain that I would tumble to my death. It didn't help when my dad showed me how easy it would be to step on a twig and fall to said death by demonstrating how easily they roll down the roof. Overall, it wasn't too bad, even though it was a dirty and wet job that needed to be done and will likely need to be done again this fall once the leaves drop completely.

My dad also had Anna do Grauman Chinese Theater thing and imprint her hands in cement. He did this with all of us when we were growing up and it seems only right that Anna carry on the tradition. He brought a bag of dry cement which he mixed up with water and then poured into a mold. Here's some paparazzi shots of the ceremony.

Prepping for hands in the cement:

Hands in the cement:

"Dad, look at my dirty hands!":
She had a good time doing it - I mean, what kid doesn't like getting their hands dirty?

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