Friday, March 23, 2007

Echoing Heidi

And by that, I mean "FIE ON NETFLIX!!" I had queued up the first disc of Maude: The Complete First Season so that I would have it to watch over my long weekend. When I did this, it was "available now." Now, inexplicably, that available now status has turned to "short wait" which means that Netflix skipped it and I'm getting American Psycho instead. Granted, that's not all bad as it's a movie I've wanted to see for some time now, but still! I was all excited for some early 70s sit com action this weekend, and now, it's not to be. I guess, at least they didn't send me the second disc in the series so that, God forbid, I'd have to watch them out of order.

To paraphrase Maude, God'll get you for that, Netflix!

In the meantime, enjoy this picture of Bea Arthur as Carrie from "Sex In The City" that I found while Google image searching for Bea Arthur as Maude.


Paul said...

darren loves Maude. Ergo i must love Maude as he refuses to watch tv on his own. I will let you know. Long time no hear btw :(

V said...

Hi Dan,

I liked Maude and there were some pretty good sitcoms out there during the 70s which I would rather watch than a lot of the stuff being aired today. Like Mary Tyler Moore, The Odd Couple and Carrol Burnet Show. s