Saturday, April 17, 2010

Musical History in 3 videos

Apparently, this meme has taken LJ by storm (I saw it on Casey Stratton's LJ.) Anyway, how could I resist? I'm going to tweak his categories just a little bit to suit my needs.

Age 4-8
My mom had the Helen Reddy's Greatest Hits 8-track. Even when our 8-track player broke and it played everything at chipmunk speed, I still listened to it.

Age 9-13
This time period belonged to ONJ. This was one of her last big hits.

Age 14-18
How could it be anything but? From early on in this period, but still, a classic.

This would be the point at which Heidi would turn to me and say "...and you turned out straight exactly HOW?" What can I say? I'm complicated.

Feel free to play along if you're so inclined.

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