Thursday, October 19, 2006

Alien Sweetberry

OK, as most people who read this know, I'm definitely what you would call an Alien geek. And I can't help it. There's so many places to totally geek out over the Alien, be it it's complex life cycle or the WTF physiology (acid for blood? what does it eat?, etc.) that I can't really help myself. What helps me cope with this is to know that there's people even more geeked out about it than me. Case in point, the Anchorpoint Essays.

But this, truly takes the cake. It's a perfect amalgam of my normal Dan geekiness over all things Alien and the "Dan's the father of a 4 year old girl" part of my personality. Anyone who knows anything about the Alien knows that when it gestates inside its host, it takes on characteristics of that host. That's why most of the aliens in the first two movies were bipedal (after gestating inside human hosts) and why the one from Alien 3 was a quadraped (after gestating inside a dog, or, in the alternate version, an ox.) It also explains the end of Alien vs. Predator as well. So, for those who have wondered about what would happen if a facehugger found itself around a My Little Pony, wonder no more.


Now I wish I had one.

(via Metafilter - and if you think I'm geeky, check out the comments! Although, of course, I'm right there with them.)

(photo credit -- check here for making of pictures!!)

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