Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Helping me uncrank (a little)

I discovered this morning that the "Jump" single was available on iTunes. And it has the unreleased Madonna track "History" on it. I have seen this available for download on several mp3 blogs and have resisted the temptation to download it. (John, you understand this.)

"History" is not bad. It has the can't miss quality of being new and unheard Madonna. I can see why it was left off the album - I don't think it would flow with the rest of the songs as well. Plus it's so much fun to get new Madonna and had it been on the album - we wouldn't be getting it. So there.

Personally, I just can't get over how perfect Confessions On A Dance Floor is. I think it's the sequencing of the tracks that gets me. I know that Jeff will disagree with me as he feels Madonna always has a tendency to lose it at the end of the CD, but I just can't imagine any other order of tracks for Confessions than the way it is. And any other song on the CD would just be intruding on this perfection. I mean, yes, some of the lyrics are God-awful, but I think what I love most about Confessions is that it is so truly joyous and happy. Even when Madonna is being all introspective and "look how bad fame is", the music is still happy.

Plus, Anna loves the hell out of it.

So I'll be playing "History" quite a bit for a while. It's really growing on me the more I listen to it.


Anonymous said...

Hi Dan - nice to keep up with your day-to-day blogs. I wanted to know, have you heard the other version of History touted around on the internet which is allegedly the original version? I think it is sooooo much better than this Stuart Price remixed version. Why hasn't she released this too? Seems desperately unfair. I really liked Confessions too, but something in me suspects that Madonna's recent troubles - i.e. baby adoption and her father being diagnosed with cancer - might see Madonna donning a brunette do and going all Mirwais on her next album? Just a thought. Hope all is well with you and your family. Paull

Yuяi said...

Just repeat history, just repeat history... I am a sucker for vocoders!

Even tho it's not on Confessions, I still like the track a lot. I actually have it in my "gym" ipod playlist. Works great!

I guess you've heard the rumor that Lourdes wrote that. I didn't believe it--even tho the child is a prodigy. It's a little too calculated to be written by a 12 year old, right? :)