Sunday, October 01, 2006

Sheryl Crow update!

So while I was in the midst of a Sheryl Crow listening binge this morning brought on by "All I Wanna Do", I was reading her page on Wikipedia. And I came across a most interesting bit of knowledge -- she was actually an elementary school music teacher before becoming, well, THE Sheryl Crow. This absolutely floors me - I mean, she was "Ms. Crow" at one point (but only if you're nasty?) She had the potential to become Ellen Severin (my elementary school music teacher) but instead opted for multimillions and international renown. Who can blame her, I guess.

And as I was telling Heidi this tidit this morning, I came up behind her and, being my usual goofy self, started singing "This ain't no disco, this ain't no country club either!" To which she replied (quite cleverly, I might add) "This is I-A! (Iowa)" Which is how I'd sing it if I ever did that song at karaoke. That is, if I did karaoke.

And besides, we all know that the world began in Eden, and ended in Los Angeles (that one's for you Mikey.)

And now, I'm officially done blogging about Sheryl Crow, but I'll probably have to listen to her a bit more to work her out of my system.


Dan said...

Well there ya go. The world is definitely a small place, eh?

And who ever thought I'd ever write so much about Sheryl Crow in a 24 hour period. She's not even in my top 20!

Anonymous said...

YAY!! Another mention for Mikey! I feel like such a blog-tart!!

I was never that fussed on Sheryl Crow. There are a couple of tracks by her that I like, but I wouldn't actually ever buy any of her stuff. She just doesn't appeal to these ears.