Sunday, October 22, 2006

Plaid shirt zombie

Although this sounds like it could be a post about me in college, sadly, it's not. (or perhaps, happily, it's not.)

I will blog my experience at the Casey Stratton show on Friday eventually here - but it's a long post and this is an easy one-off. I spent most of Saturday morning walking around Boystown in Chicago. It's an incredibly vibrant neighborhood with so many different kinds of shops and restaurants and I swear, a Starbucks (or Caribou Coffee) on every corner. But it also has some really cool things you'll not find anywhere else. Perhaps one of my favorite places to go in Boystown (aside from Borderline Music) is Gaymart Chicago. And while it does have a lot of rainbow souvenirs and what not - it also has some of the coolest pop culture stuff ever. I got two of Anna's birthday presents there (Corpse Bride figures - Victor and Corpse Bride) and found an Elizabeth Swann figure to add to Heidi's burgeoning collection of strong women.

But it took me going into Chicago Comics to find something that I was looking for. Originally, I was going to pick up this Medusa figure from Clash of the Titans to add to MY ever burgeoning collection of figures of movie monsters:

It was 30 dollars, and I was all set, but then, I saw this:

It's "Plaid Shirt Zombie" from the original Dawn of the Dead!!! What a perfect, and I do mean perfect addition. Hard as it might be to believe, in all the figures I've managed to collect over the last few years, not a single one has been an honest to God zombie. And that just seemed wrong. And plus, he was half the price, so it seemed like a real no brainer to me.

Anna already thinks he's pretty cool - she is so gonna be my scary movie watching buddy when she's older.

All in all, I probably would have rather had Fly Boy Zombie. And now it appears that he's sold out, so perhaps eBay may be my only hope on that front.


Heidi Cullinan said...

You know, just reading about Boystown makes me miss it, and I didn't even feel good the day we were there. It's just such a nice neighborhood. But I remember the plentitude of Starbucks as well. And that cute grocery.

Heidi Cullinan said...

And can I add that Blogger is a nasty bitch who makes me go to ridiculous lengths to comment on your blog? This is no shit my sixth take. It's that stupid gmail sign in, and that #@#$#$#@~!!!!! BETA crap.

Dan said...

I know - the beta still has some significant bugs in it. It still irks me to no end that I can't stay logged into Blogger without having to stay logged into my Gmail.

Anonymous said...

Oooh..."Clash of the Titans", that takes me back a bit. I was desperate to see that film on the big silver screen, but had to wait for it to come out on video. I lapped it up. I love me a bit of Greek mythology!!

Yuяi said...

OMG...comics too??? I had thousands and thousands of both DC and Marvel before I sold them (so wish I hadn't..!)

We were so separated at birth!!