Monday, October 16, 2006

Casey Stratton turns 30

A mere 4 days before I trek to Chicago to see him in concert, Casey Stratton is hitting the big 3-0. In his honor, it's all Casey, all day on my page. I'm even going to let it play while I'm at work tonight.

And how did I come across Mr. Stratton in the first place? Well, it was through the music blog, There was a post on that blog about how Casey Stratton seemed a lot happier now that he wasn't signed to Sony and was releasing music on his own terms. Naturally curious, I clicked on the link to Casey's MySpace page to listen to what kind of music he made. I downloaded the track "Fission" and listened to it. I was spellbound. At first, I had the (very common) reaction of not knowing whether it was a man or a woman singing. But it was beautiful. And it was at that instant, I was pulled in.

As of this minute, I have 18 hours worth of his music on my computer, and I haven't even bought everything yet. Not bad for an independent artist. If you haven't heard of Casey, heard over to his web site and he has some free audio - including "Fission", the song that roped me. And play a few tracks for him as he enters his 30s.

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