Sunday, October 08, 2006

Wisdom of Starbucks

I have never really paid all that much attention to those "The Way I See It" quotes on Starbucks cups -- my biggest recollection of them is how the religious right got all up in arms about Armisted Maupin's quote about being gay, and suddenly, Starbucks was promoting that "nasty homosexual agenda." *rolls eyes*

But today we got a coffee at Coral Ridge Mall in Coralville and this was the quote on it:

The Way I See It #150

All unhappiness and stagnation result from a feeling that you are at the mercy of the world and the people in it. But what a joy it is, what a major shift to strength and power, when you no longer wait around for others to favor and love you, for others to flatter and reward you. Reward and flatter yourself, favor and love yourself.

– Kira Salak, Writer and National Geographic Emerging Explorer

For me, this really hit home. Of course, it didn't hurt that Heidi and I were just talking about this kind of thing not 3 hours earlier at her mom's and also in the car on the way to Iowa City. I need to print this off and pin it to my computer monitor or wall or somewhere where I see it every time I look up because it ever there was sage advice, this is it.

It's good to be home. The traffic wasn't the greatest on the way back - a lot of semis out and lots of people just trying to get back home from wherever their weekend destination was. But it's good to be back in my own house at my own computer where I'm a little more in control of my environment.

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Brooke said...

That is a great quote.