Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Death of two things near and dear.

I have no doubt that Heidi will blog this later, but her iPod has died. May it rest in peace. It's going to Best Buy today and it will either come back fixed or it will come back as a new one as it's still under warranty (at least Best Buy's warranty.) Sometimes I really hate iPods, but I love them more than I hate them. The fact that I can carry 3000 songs in my pocket is just so damn cool, but I hate how the battery eventually dies, and I think that Heidi's is likely a hard drive failure as I tried to restore it and it froze up her iMac after appearing to successfully restore.

And for me, the thing that died for me today was my Confessions Tour mug. I had been very good about not putting it in the dishwasher, but a few times when I'd been lazy, I'd snuck it in there. So yesterday, when I'm loading the dishwasher with about a million dishes, I get lazy and stick it in there. I get it out of the dishwasher this morning and my heart just sank, for this is what I saw:

You probably can't see it all that well, and you can click on the above image to enlarge, but the decal on the black cup is all wrinkled and now it's pretty much wrecked! Goddamn cheap tour merchandise. As Jeff would say, "I can't have nothin' nice!" I'm probably going to order one from Fanfire because I really really liked that mug.

*sigh* Things in life are so fleeting. I guess that's why we're not supposed to get attached to things.

Must clean the house now as my folks will be here soon.

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