Sunday, January 14, 2007


I ran across this via PopBytes and since it's been probably 15 years since I've watched an episode of SNL, it's a good thing we have the blogosphere to show me things like this. I've always thought Jake Gyllenhaal was a pretty cool guy who took a huge career risk starring in Brokeback Mountain. And I'm so glad he's comfortable enough in his masculinity to do this. Braver than me in a red dress, by far.

I couldn't quit smiling. After I got done cleaning up the coffee I spit across the keyboard!

Update: Heidi took me to task over my comment that Jake was "brave" in taking the role in Brokeback Mountain. And if that's what came across in this post, I didn't make myself very clear. What I was admiring most about his bravery is that ALL men should take a page from his apparent ultra-comfort in his masculinity. If they did, perhaps we'd all understand each other just a little bit better. I know it's something that I admire greatly in many men - both famous and not-so-much. It's something I'm working on day after day in my life, being comfortable with myself and accepting myself for exactly what I am -- all the while seeing what more lies beneath.

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Thanks for sharing that, it was great. :)