Friday, January 26, 2007

Wedding crashers

John and I were having a discussion this morning via shoutboxes comparing "Dallas" to "Dynasty." He's watching "Dallas" on DVD right now - and is just about to the "Who Shot J.R.?" episode. I never really watched "Dallas" as a kid - never got all caught up in the "Who Shot J.R.?" hysteria. I know - amazing, isn't it? However, I did watch "Dynasty" religiously for quite a number of seasons. I mean, Joan Collins as Alexis is pretty much the definition of over-the-top, right? I remember that Wednesday nights at 8PM were sacred. I wouldn't take phone calls (although several of my friends would try to call me intentionally to keep me from watching it!) for it was "Dynasty" night.

Perhaps the most memorable scene I recall from "Dynasty" is the end of season 5. Amanda is about to be married to Prince Michael of Moldavia. The entire cast has gathered for a royal wedding. Only the royal wedding is about to be interrupted by revolutionaries intent on overthrowing the king. As a result, the revolutionaries open fire on the wedding ceremony, and everyone is left for dead. Here, watch for yourself (it's 8 minutes, but totally worth it!):

They all had the feathered hair down pretty good, eh?

But unfortunately, the only person to die (that I recall) is Ali MacGraw's character. So apparently, all the people were playing possum. Or knocked unconscious from fright. And wearing Kevlar vests. Or something.

The other scene I recall vividly is Blake's attempted strangulation of Alexis. La Mirage has burnt to the ground and through manipulation that I've long since forgotten, Alexis has managed to buy Blake's mansion (was it even on the market?) Alexis stands at the top of the staircase saying "It's all mine, Blake!" and Blake goes nuts and tries to strangle her to death. I don't remember how it all came out, but obviously, Blake got the mansion back.

Sadly, only season one of "Dynasty" is on DVD. And Joan Collins doesn't even show up until the last episode of that one. How I'd love to watch them again. They used to be on Soap Net, but no longer apparently. Jeff and I sat up until 3 in the morning watching a "Dynasty" marathon on Soap Net one night many years ago - and I get all giddy thinking about how much fun that would be again!

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