Sunday, January 14, 2007


It's Sunday night and usually, the thought of the upcoming week makes me cringe, want to run the hot water and ready the razor blades. But tonight, for whatever reason, I feel like the weekend was very productive and refreshing and I'm ready to return to the daily grind. So much of the time I try to get this nebulous "something" out of the weekend that always eludes me and ultimately, leaves me feeling unfulfilled and wanting more.

Not this time. I'm pleasantly tired from the day's activities and even though it's only 9:30PM, I'm thinking about going to bed and getting a really good night's sleep. Yesterday was spent mostly being lazy. I started "X-Files: Season 3" back up on a VERY good episode ("Apocrypha") and watched My Little Pony: The Runaway Rainbow with Anna. This meant more than words can possibly describe to her. It was cute because she also has the book of that movie so she was very excited to "hear what they REALLY sound like." Although I must admit that I dozed during it a little bit, it wasn't bad kid's programming.

I spent last night bantering with Mike and John on - something that has been long overdue as everyone's been really busy. I also read Heidi's new draft for one of her books and it is very good. I have to finish it yet, but from what I've read so far, she's going in the right direction.

I slept in this morning while Heidi and Anna went to church. Today was not as lazy as yesterday was - we got the back rooms of the basement cleaned out in preparation for a big room switcheroo that we have in mind. That was a huge undertaking and is just the first phase of that VERY large project. But it felt good to get rid of a lot of stuff - we have so much garbage sitting out on the curb getting snowed on right now, it's not even funny. It felt good for the feng shui of the house to get it out of here.

And after that, I had the distinct pleasure of talking to John on the phone - all the way over in Northern Ireland thanks to Skype. Well, actually, I could have just picked up the phone and done it, but I certainly couldn't have done it for 0.017 euros per minute. And what a wonderful conversation it was!! It was 50 minutes of non-stop talk about Madonna and Kylie as well as various other things. It's always great to get a voice with someone you converse with via e-mail so that was very very fun. And although I knew this prior to talking to him on the phone, our conversation just cemented in my mind how lucky I am to be able to call him a friend! (Hi, John!!) Definitely a highlight of the day.

And then tonight - I played Barbie as Rapunzel with Anna on my computer which thrills her to no end and truthfully, it's kinda fun making the castle all beautiful with her.

So I'm ready for bed. And I feel fulfilled, like I said earlier. And I had to blog it because I spend so much of my time waiting for a weekend like this, and finally, I got it.

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Paul said...

Dan! I've missed you! I so owe you an email!! And now i want to watch the my little pony movie. I would steal my sisters growing up and ken would ride it for a secret rendezvous with fuzzy head moving eyes action man underneath my bed! Classy...