Saturday, January 13, 2007

And so it begins

I'm posting these pictures just to serve as a reminder that it still snows in Iowa from time to time. This is the start of what was originally going to be a blizzard that was to dump 12 inches of snow. Now, it's been scaled back to 1 to 3 inches, but still, it's snow!! Anna is thrilled beyond words.

I'm mostly looking forward to a day inside by the fire watching TV.


orange anubis said...

I wish we had some snow here, I'm so jealous!

xolondon said...

Is that your street? I love those kind of houses. It must be very cozy in the snow. [XO is a bit of nester]

Paul said...

ooo i asked for photos and i got! I'm so excited. its unlikely we'll have snow this year :( although with the crazy weather who knows! Your street is gorge.

Dan said...

That is my street!! We fell in love with the street before we even saw the house. And it's v.v. cozy in the winter time, although the house itself is a bit drafty (don't ask me what my power bill was this month!)


PinkieDust said...

I want to live in that street!