Thursday, February 07, 2008

Not ready for the home just yet

I just found out last night that it appears that Cher is BACK!

Via PerezHilton: Like A Phoenix, She Rises Again!

And now, it's confirmed!! I'm there with bells on.

But no sequins. I'll leave that to the drag queens. They wear them much better than I would.

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Anonymous said...

She was on Good Morning America this morning talking about her upcoming Vegas show. Starts May 6th. It may be a must see show!! The complete interview with her is on tonight (channel 5, which you can still get), 9pm, I believe. Do you believe in life after love? Double check, though, to make sure it is not on tomorrow night on 20/20. In that case, same time, different night. But, I think it is Primetime Live which is on tonight. Probably will be on the internet anyway. Go youtube!
Vegas, here we come again......someday, maybe, probaby, hope to.