Monday, February 25, 2008

Post Oscars

Well, the Oscars are over for yet another year. Despite the fact that I can't remember a year in which I have cared less for the Oscars, I also can't remember a year when the party has been more fun. Perhaps this has something to do with the fact that it was more than just Heidi, Jeff and me. For years, the three of us were the extent of our Oscar party. Over the years, we've had other folks (Mary has been another frequent attender) and now Caryle is a welcome addition. But this year, we added Kathy (a friend we met through Caryle), Matt and his daughters (his wife was, unfortunately, ill) and a Jess (whose husband was, unfortunately, ill as well.) Food and good company were in great abundance. Even Anna, who is usually bored beyond tears or angling like crazy for attention from everyone was in heaven because of the presence of Matt's daughters, ages 7 and 5.

Surprisingly, the awards ceremony was not overcooked or bloated. I'm a fan of those film montages and always get a kick out of seeing footage from previous years' Oscars. I just love all those clips from the Academy Awards during the 70s! This year's ceremony made me want to add a lot of movies to my Netflix queue since I didn't really get to see many of the movies that we nominated this year. We did manage to make it to Michael Clayton at the dollar theater on Saturday night, which we enjoyed quite a bit. Very subtle and character driven. Clooney was quite good and he continues to astound me by the fact that he really has made a very successful transition from television acting to movie acting. That is not an easy transition to make successfully. Additionally, he continues to provide hope to men like me because he just seems to look better the older he gets despite a significant amount of gray hair. Believe me, if you'd been going gray since 18, you'd feel the same way!

But the guests are gone now. Heidi's at work and Anna's at school so I'm enjoying some peace and quiet and the joy of having the house to myself. I love having people over, especially all the good friends we had yesterday. But because of my introvert, I enjoy the time of solitude after it's all done. I'm especially glad now that I'm not working till 2 today, even though it seems like I've been doing a lot of evening shifts these days.

Anyway, enough of that. Heidi did a post about her iMovies that she made for the Oscars, which is wonderfully written and gives great insight into how she writes her novels. The movies are basically 6 minute mash-up trailers, and she has them embedded on her blog, but I thought I'd do the same since we don't get all the same traffic. She was very proud of herself (as she should be!)

Daddy Dearest (Joan and Denethor - a love that dare not speak its name.)

8-5:30 (which casts Zod, Non and Ursa from Superman II as the good guys and some very unexpected people as the bad guys!)

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