Saturday, February 09, 2008

Write-in candidate

This morning, Heidi asked me the following question. "If you were voting in a primary or caucus today, for whom would you vote?" While I think that any Democrat will be an improvement over the current President (well, a purple turd would be an improvement over him) and certainly a better choice than any of the Republican candidates, I'm just not sure.

I admire Hillary Clinton's tenacity and her ability to weather the 15 years of Republican attacks. I think she has some good ideas, but I also think she has behaved deplorably on the campaign trail in several instances. And as for Barack Obama, he seems to be long on ideas and short on details and plus, I just think that especially if he goes up against McCain, the Republicans are going to play the "experience" card big and bad, which is perhaps his biggest weakness. Overall, I am more inspired by Obama than I am Clinton (who seems more and more to be the maintainer of the status quo), but still, I just am not sure. My allegiances switch with the day. I worry that they will continue to fight until the day of the convention, which will be bad for the party and extremely bad for the nominee.

Don't get me wrong, on Election Day, whichever of these candidates that (eventually) gets the nomination will get my vote. I just wish they'd team up. Together, they would be unstoppable.

However, when we were talking about it, I was watching an interview with Cher on YouTube (she's been making the rounds in the last few days) and I was saying to Heidi, "You know, I'm not really a one-issue voter, but really, Cher -- I mean, CLINTON has a more clearly articulated stance on LGBT issues than Obama."

But honestly, Cher has a better track record on LGBT issues than either of them, so, based on that:

CHER IN '08! (ok, not really, but you know what I mean.)

Honestly though, the fact that McCain does not believe we need to amend the Constitution of the United States to suit the whims of religious radicals makes him just a little bit more palatable to me. Although judging from some of the stuff on the net, I'm not even sure that McCain knows what he thinks!


jtaddy said...

She'll be too busy running Vegas.

Anonymous said...

Dan..guess who.. i have some thoughts on this...Just so you know Obama is my pick. Its is not that i dislike hillary or think she is a bad person, quite the contrary, but when i look at her history in leadership there is but a single disturbing trend. It is not that she is mean or vengeful..i honestly think if you knew her personally you would love her..but when it comes to standing up to bush on something she knew was bullshit..she really doesnt stand up. When walmart was union bashing to deminish workers rights...she really doesnt stand up. What i feel i can expect from her is when blackwater decides to target americans in their homes or halliburton is able to buy most of the eastern usa. she really won't stand up.
as for mccain..he is hated down here and he is our senator!!! And anyone who brings this up His experience was languishing in a nva prison for 5 years..horrible i know and it must have been a nightmare but compare a guy who spent 5 years in a pow camp verses a carreer officer with 35+ years of command in multiple theaters of operation around the world and guess which one i will hold as an expert. The greatest lie in this argument is you have to have been in the military to understand it and that my friends is total bullshit..Trust me, there are civilian analysts in the DOD that know a hell of a lot more about what is going on than some yeoman on a battleship cleaning toilets..